Catholic Congress inaugurated in the Faridabad Diocese by Archbishop Kuriakose Bharanikulangara

Catholic Congress is the lay organization of Syro Malabar Church.

In 1904, at Mannanam on the last day of NALPATHUMANI Aradhana Nitheerickal Manikathanar declared that we the catholic have several issues and to over come the same we need an organisation and it will be established in the next NALPATHUMANI ARADHANA. Like wise on 13.05.1905 KERALA KRISTHEEYA MAHAJANA SABHA was found at Mannanam. But in the name of KERALA CATHOLICA MAHAJAN SABHA which became our Catholic Congress (CC) in 1918. Thus our organization has got a history of 96 years with the Church. The CC led several reformative stirkes in 1918  to 1960. 

Now our Major Arch Bishop Cardinal George Allenchery is very much interested to bring up this organization all over the world, where all Syro Malabar Catholics are living. All the Diocese/parishes in Kerala have the CC very well getting on at present. 

To widen the organization all over the world an amendment in Constitution of CC was made, by exposing the name of organization as CATHOLIC CONGRESS from ALL KERALA CATHOLIC CONGRESS. 

Activities:. We are the guards of Church. We stand for the upliftment of our community. We try to make Church more active. We are bound to support all the organizations in the Church. We shall be part of all church activities. We have a mission, to find all the Syro Malabar faithful in the world and be part of their issues. Let us plan accordingly and stand for our people. We need more representation today in the governments/politics etc. and for that if we donít take the first step forward one day earlier, the situation will be more darker in the coming days.

Catholic Congress in Delhi/Faridabad Diocese will be a contributing center for the growth and needs of the whole Syro-Malabar Catholics. Our Bishopís enthusiasm and encouragement towards setting up this organization makes me all the more excited to coordinate the launch of Catholic Congress on August 11, 2013 at the Bishops House, Karole Bagh, New Delhi. The General Secretary Adv. Biju Parayannilam will be coming down FROM kERALA for the launch.

We will have a Diocesan committee under the guidance of our Bishop which shall be communicated to you in due time in thru  mail 

Catholic Congress inaugurated by Archbishop Kuriakose Bharankikulangara at St. Augustine's Forane church, Karol Bagh On August 11th 2013 at 4.00pm. 

Msgr. Sebastian Vadakumpadan, Adv. Biju, Mr. Joby Neendukunnel and Mr. George Kallivayalil  were given message in the meeting.